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I can see my base from here!

Here's a quote from me earlier, when I was with my first boyfriend and was going through rocky times:

"Yeah, I believe in love, but I also believe in common sense.

I'm not sure how to describe it, but I'm pretty sure that most of the time, if someone's chasing you down relentlessly from the start, it's probably not true love and just obsession. They're either desperate or lonely or in love with the idea of you or being with you, not necessarily all the components of your personality and life that a person consists of. Of course, I could be completely wrong, but this has just been what I've observed in myself and others. People that I was infatuated with would instantly lose their appeal once I saw the rest of their personality. In contrast, the reason I started talking to my (ex)boyfriend was because I was pissed at something that his character in an RP did at a now-defunct forum. We've been together for almost five years."

Haha, past self, you win all of the internet or some shit. Cause guess what, you were RIGHT!

I mean Jesus Christ how did I let myself get so blind-sided.... agh.

Well, I know the first relationship wouldn't have lasted much longer, if only from frustration from distance, so I suppose there is that comfort.

God, just wish I could skip the bullshit of dating and just jump into a committed relationship but NOPE, that's how you fuck yourself over!

I don't feel resentful just... fucking retarded for being duped so thoroughly.

"Ah, to be young and in love..."

Writer's Block: State of the Union

Who do you think would make a great U.S. president?

RON PAUL 2012. That is all

Save the Internet. It's kind of a big deal.

Originally posted by nyxmidnight at Save the Internet. It's kind of a big deal.

PROTECT IP Act Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

BoingBoing.Net -- The MPAA, RIAA, Hollywood knows that they have been flying in CEOs of as many companies as possible, recruiting people to get petition signups at malls in California, and here's the big point-- they know they have gotten their message through to Congress -- the worst bill in Internet history, the one where government and their corporations get unbelievable power to take down sites, threaten payment processors into stopping payment to sites on a blacklist, and throw people in jail for posting ordinary content is about to pass before the end of this year. The only thing that is going to stop Hollywood from owning the Internet and everything we do, is if there is a big surprise Internet backlash starting right now.

PROTECT IP (S. 968)/SOPA (HR. 3261) creates the first system for Internet censorship - this bill has sweeping provisions that give the government and corporations leeway and legal cover for taking down sites "by accident," mistakenly, or for NOT doing "enough" to protect the interests of Hollywood. These bills that are moving very quickly through Congress and can pass before Christmas aim to give the US government and corporations the ability to block sites over infringing links posted by their users and give ISPs the release to take any means to block peoples' sites, including slowing down your connection. That's right, some say this bill is a workaround to net neutrality and is bigger than net neutrality.

This is the worst piece of Internet legislation in history - the lawmakers who have been sponsoring (Leahy, Lamar Smith, Conyers) this bill need to be shamed by the Internet community for wasting taxpayer dollars on a bill that would break the very fabric of the Internet, create an Internet blacklist, kill jobs and great startup companies, huge blogs, and social networks.

How this affects you, personally:

EFF.org -- Let’s make one thing clear from the get-go: despite all the talk about this bill being directed only toward “rogue” foreign sites, there is no question that it targets US companies as well. The bill sets up a system to punish sites allegedly “dedicated to the theft of US property.” How do you get that label? Doesn’t take much: Some portion of your site (even a single page) must
  1. be directed toward the US, and either
  2. allegedly “engage in, enable or facilitate” infringement or
  3. allegedly be taking or have taken steps to “avoid confirming a high probability” of infringement.

If an IP rightsholder (vaguely defined – could be Justin Bieber worried about his publicity rights) thinks you meet the criteria and that it is in some way harmed, it can send a notice claiming as much to the payment processors (Visa, Mastercard, Paypal etc.) and ad services you rely on.

Once they get it, they have 5 days to choke off your financial support. Of course, the payment processors and ad networks won’t be able to fine-tune their response so that only the allegedly infringing portion of your site is affected, which means your whole site will be under assault. And, it makes no difference that no judge has found you guilty of anything or that the DMCA safe harbors would shelter your conduct if the matter ever went to court. Indeed, services that have been specifically found legal, like Rapidshare, could be economically strangled via SOPA. You can file a counter-notice, but you’ve only got 5 days to do it (good luck getting solid legal advice in time) and the payment processors and ad networks have no obligation to respect it in any event. That’s because there are vigilante provisions that grant them immunity for choking off a site if they have a “reasonable belief” that some portion of the site enables infringement.

At a minimum, this means that any service that hosts user generated content is going to be under enormous pressure to actively monitor and filter that content. That’s a huge burden, and worse for services that are just getting started – the YouTubes of tomorrow that are generating jobs today. And no matter what they do, we’re going to see a flurry of notices anyway – as we’ve learned from the DMCA takedown process, content owners are more than happy to send bogus complaints. What happened to Wikileaks via voluntary censorshipStop the Internet Blacklist Legislation will now be systematized and streamlined – as long as someone, somewhere, thinks they’ve got an IP right that’s being harmed.

Stop the Internet Blacklist Legislation

can someone please tell me

why someone would think that planning for the worst case scenarios in major life moments is a bad thing and a sign of immaturity? It's not like I cling to the worst-case scenario, I just go and make sure I have a somewhat sensible idea of what I could do. They're not elaborate scenarios, just like "okay if x happens then I will do y' and then I shelve the idea.

lol people on facebook, so amusing.

Whoa lotta of stuff to update

New Haircut. Also, new Boyfriend. Been with the new boyfriend for about three weeks now? It's been pretty awesome, it's also really nice that he's a lot closer than my old one. Yay staying over for four days! xD

The breakup wasn't bad but... I know my ex has been taking it pretty hard. He de-friended me on Facebook a few days ago, so I'm not sure what to think of that - I guess he just couldn't bear to look at me anymore. I can't really blame him, and I'm kinda glad, cause I was annoyed at seeing his passive-aggressive statuses pop up on my stream anyhow. I would try to make him feel better, but well, I can't really do that lol. Being away from him has kinda put things in a new perspective, and while I don't regret my time with him it's also just very nice to know that while we had a good time it wasn't going to really work out in the end anyways.

Got a new haircut today since my hair was getting long and looking like a mop, and it's the shortest I've EVER gotten it cut. I also love it to pieces. I feel like myself more than ever xD It's kinda punky but I also have the option of leaving it down and still have it look adorable :3 asdoinpoivuner it's just so exciting! the back is short which is perfect for my Ocelot cosplay, though I still need to redye my hair since the roots are showing (it does look kinda cool though.... The good thing is that I'll look more convincing as a guy hair-wise I hope, seeing as it'll actually be short in the back, and it also won't be a pain to shove all my hair into the beret, which was just aaaa so annoying in the past :s

Haha what the hell self

I want to get a tattoo of this on my back. I'm not entirely sure why, and I also feel like I couldn't ever come up with something that would be a significant enough meaning to justify a pair of geometric wings ripped off of a video game character on my back.

Also, I want them in either white/silver ink. Unfortunately pure white ink tattoos apparently don't look that good after a while (more like a scar than a tattoo). I would be fine with this as I'd want the tattoo to be more subtle anyways. At the same time I'm considering getting like a really faint gradient on the edges of the white so it stands out more. so I'm like prominent vs non-prominent.

LOL WTH SELF YOU PROBABLY WOULDN'T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY FOR IT ANYWAYS also who the hell would I go to for an artist I don't even know

lol jk

So I thought I was moving to DC but I am not! So I get to see all of my friends from college next semester ^^ Also I will be getting my own apartment with my sister and it shall be awesome. Not in the 'I'm going to have wild parties and shit' awesome but more like 'yay I'm an adult' awesome.

Only thing I'm worried about is keeping stuff clean as well as making sure I don't get lazy about cooking.


I got a job, but now I don't want it because it limits my freetime and ability to do homework. I have to do 6+ hours of painting homework a week, and my job shifts are from 6-12. This might not sound like a big deal but I don't have a car. And to take the bus from my house to school would be an hour and thirty minutes. While carrying my art crap.

Yeaaaaah through downtown Hartford? No thanks.

And I pretty much HAVE to work in the art studio at school, cause it has all the stuff I need. I REALLY don't want to have to try and cart my paintings back and forth since oil DOES NOT DRY for a few days!

The job's not bad, the hours are annoying but there's not much I can do about them. The supervisors are nice for the most part, my coworkers are okay, not all of them are talkative but they're pretty nice for the most part. I COULD listen to my Zune while working, but my main issue is that I don't have my Zune charge cord anymore.

Well I have a job at least. Gotta pay for the cosplay somehow...oh yeah, and the phone bill :s

I just wish I had more time! Like, can I have a superpower where I don't ahve to sleep if I don't want to and still be fine? Yeah, that'd be AWESOME.

So, cosplay

Been working on it. Basically, it motivates me to finish homework so that for the rest of the night I can be working on it.

Weird way to motivate myself, but I think it's working! Also, getting homework done early in general is nice.

Gotta write a story for Illustration 2 that can be done in a picture book format... it's not gonna be children's material and it pisses me off that I can't do a graphic novel because I had already started world building/developing characters for it.

I'll write out probably a novella and then do some super-simplification of it. However it's something I do want to eventually publish. It's philosophical and stuff, but I'm going to try and do it in such a manner where it's not demeaning to the reader.

Parents gone?

Well for most people that would be good news, but you see I still need to find a car and get a job, and that's kinda hard when you're not the one with the money that you need to purchase a car/textbooks/school supplies.

Alex and I are pretty swell, I just hope I don't procrastinate too much this week.

Also this morning was like ADVENTURE, but I'm too tired to go into it. It involved walking half a mile to a dunkin dounuts in the cold, which wasn't too bad cause I was wearing my Pokewalker at the time, and also an hour drive back to the car in Hartford because people apparently are really tired if they get up earlier than twelve. Then again we weren't anticipating having to get someone to drive us back soooo.