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Whoa lotta of stuff to update

New Haircut. Also, new Boyfriend. Been with the new boyfriend for about three weeks now? It's been pretty awesome, it's also really nice that he's a lot closer than my old one. Yay staying over for four days! xD

The breakup wasn't bad but... I know my ex has been taking it pretty hard. He de-friended me on Facebook a few days ago, so I'm not sure what to think of that - I guess he just couldn't bear to look at me anymore. I can't really blame him, and I'm kinda glad, cause I was annoyed at seeing his passive-aggressive statuses pop up on my stream anyhow. I would try to make him feel better, but well, I can't really do that lol. Being away from him has kinda put things in a new perspective, and while I don't regret my time with him it's also just very nice to know that while we had a good time it wasn't going to really work out in the end anyways.

Got a new haircut today since my hair was getting long and looking like a mop, and it's the shortest I've EVER gotten it cut. I also love it to pieces. I feel like myself more than ever xD It's kinda punky but I also have the option of leaving it down and still have it look adorable :3 asdoinpoivuner it's just so exciting! the back is short which is perfect for my Ocelot cosplay, though I still need to redye my hair since the roots are showing (it does look kinda cool though.... The good thing is that I'll look more convincing as a guy hair-wise I hope, seeing as it'll actually be short in the back, and it also won't be a pain to shove all my hair into the beret, which was just aaaa so annoying in the past :s